Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Pneumonia and UHL

Two weeks ago (27th June), my younger son (T), was referred to A&E in UHL with suspected pneumonia. The doctors said that X-ray and all tests were clear, T came home.
5 days later, Monday 2nd July, we were contacted by UHL and asked to take T back, the 27th June X-ray was not clear...So, Thiseas had a second X-ray on Monday 2nd July (worse than the 1st one) and he was hospitalised for 5 days till Sat 7th July.
This morning the bill (5days x 80 euros /day =400 euros) arrived home.
These are the facts...

1. nobody knows why they messed up with the initial reading of the 1st x-ray; nobody explained to us why it took them 5 days (from Wed 27th June to Mon 2nd July) to let us know about their mistake...
2. they are very quick in chasing the money.
3. this is our first experience of Irish HSE...NOT a good one, Mr Harris.
4. Some investigation on point 1 would be useful so future Xray in A&E in UHL (U stands for University, ironically) diagnosis is correct and quick, not like T's...

Dr Ioannis Zabetakis

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