Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Log Post (VII)

At Doctor’s
Next patient please
Traveling W, NW
Newfoundland, here we come !

Log Post (VI)

this afternoon
has mocha flavours
and the taste
of a carrot cake.
On my quest to
Apply Breaks Now
Re-tune the inside engine
in order to
run smoothly
equally efficiently!
Can I?
Shall I?
Yes! I can!
Yes! I shall!
If not me right now, then...
Who and When?

25th October 18

Log Posts (V)

Your voices through
The telephone line
A passport to
real Life
to the World!
Tele : μακριά
Phone : φωνή
Like Ulysses’ son
Telemachus (far away battle)
On my way to Ithaka...

25th October 18

Log Posts (IV)

To heal the Soul
The Soul
Needs other treatment

25th October 18

Log Posts (III)

Second shower of the day
therapy and...
BT Young Scientist
We come !
Jan 2019
The four of us
Dubliners for a couple of days
Και τι ζητάω
Τι ζητάω
Μια ευκαιρία στον Παράδεισο να πάω

22nd October 2018

Saturday, 27 October 2018

on our way to the Final

last week has been a Good week, with some great news!

Nathaniel, Darragh and Rory are Finalists at B.T.Y.Scientist competition.

Qualified Projects 2019

The following projects have qualified for the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition at the RDS, Dublin, 9-12 January 2019 (not all projects are listed)


Limerick  St Munchin’s    College The impact of diet and excercise on BMI in secondary students in Ireland         Biological    and   Ecological Group – 3 Students


SciFest last April; third prize at their category!

We are all going to Dublin in January for the Finals!

Lads,  Best of Luck from the bottom of my heart :)


Ioannis Zabetakis

Department of Biological Sciences
University of Limerick
V94 T9PX, Limerick

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Melina and Parthenon

Maria Amalia "Melina" Mercouri (18 October 1920 – 6 March 1994) was a Greek actress, singer, and politician...

Μelina is in my heart... Most notably for her quest to get back to Athens the Marbles of Parthenon that the British call "Elgin Marbles" (what was the role of Lord Elgin in removing the Marbles from Athens to London?).

I miss you Melina...

Ioannis Zabetakis

Μελίνα Μερκούρη

Μουσική: Ζωρζ Μουστακί

Στίχοι: Δημήτρης Χριστοδούλου

Μεσόγειο τη λεν
και παίζουνε γυμνά
παιδιά με μαύρα μάτια
αγάλματα πικρά

γέννησε τους Θεούς,
τον ίδιο το Χριστό
το καλοκαίρι εκεί δεν τρέμει τον καιρό,
μέσα στη Λίμνη αυτή.

Το αίμα τους αιώνες σκάλισε εκεί
τα βράχια και τους κάβους και τη βαθιά σιωπή
νησιά σαν περιστέρια αιώνιες φυλακές

το καλοκαίρι εκεί δεν τρέμει τις βροχές,
μεσ' τη Μεσόγειο

Οι κάμποι κι οι ελιές χάνονται στη φωτιά
τα χέρια μένουν μόνα κι άδεια τα κορμιά
λαοί της συμφοράς και πίκρα του θανάτου

το καλοκαίρι εκεί δε χάνει τα φτερά του,

μεσ' τη Μεσόγειο

Κάτω στη λίμνη αυτή γεννήθηκα κι εγώ
Μεσόγειος του φόβου και των πικρών καιρών
τα όνειρα που παίζαν στα βαθιά νερά

γινήκαν δέντρα μόνα στα ξερά νησιά,
μεσ' τη Μεσόγειο

Τον Παρθενώνα κρύβουν σύννεφα βαριά
στην Ισπανία εχάθη η λέξη λευτεριά
πάντα η Αθήνα μένει όνειρο πικρό

το καλοκαίρι εκεί δεν τρέμει τον καιρό,
μεσ' τη Μεσόγειο.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Changing the Irish dietary guidelines to incorporate the principles of the Mediterranean diet: proposing the MedÉire diet


Mediterranean diet: proposing the MedÉire diet

  • Audrey C Tierney (a1) (a2) and Ioannis Zabetakis (a3)
    • (a1)
      School of Allied Health, HS2 032 Health Science Building, University of Limerick, Castletroy, Limerick, Republic of Ireland
    • (a2)
      School of Allied Health, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia
    • (a3)
      Department of Biological Sciences, University of Limerick, Limerick, Republic of Ireland
    • Published online: 15 October 2018
    • Abstract
      ObjectiveIn Ireland, the major causes of death are CVD. The current Irish healthy eating guidelines and food pyramid primarily advocate a low-fat diet. However, there is overwhelming scientific evidence for the benefits of a Mediterranean diet (Med Diet) in the prevention and management of metabolic disease as well as improving overall health and well-being. In the current commentary, the rationale to incorporate the principles of the Med Diet into the Irish dietary guidelines is presented.
      DesignPerspectives of authors.
      SettingLocal and international.
      SubjectsPopulations in Europe, North America and Australia.
      ResultsAdopting components of the Med Diet presents a more evidence-based approach to updating the current Irish dietary guidelines. Experience and lessons from other non-Mediterranean countries show that it could be a feasible and effective solution to improving the dietary habits of the Irish population to prevent and mange chronic diseases.
      ConclusionsPolicies and programmes to address perceived barriers to the Med Diet’s implementation and uptake in non-Mediterranean countries should be promoted.

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Friday, 12 October 2018

let's talk about Smoking!

In UL, the campus has been designated as vapor/smoke free.
In order to discourage people from smoking.
It doesn't discourage me from smoking my pipe (100% pure tobacco!)...

Tobacco does not kill.

Cigarettes kill!

Actually, all the chemicals and the chlorinated paper that are made to burn quickly do kill!

Tobacco heals!

1. Nicotine as Therapy
2. Learn more about Nicotiana tabacum

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Log Posts (II)


a Lot of them...

Which one is the Best Team in the World?
in any sport?

ManU under Fergie?

Barcelona 2008-2012 under Pep?

what makes a good team?

Parity of Esteem...

[ UL / 11.10.2018]

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

with You in my Mind (you know...)

Forgiven Not Forgotten

The Corrs

All alone, staring on Watching her life go by When her days are grey And her nights are black Different shades of mundane And the one eyed furry toy That lies upon the bed Has often heard her cry And heard her whisper out a name Long forgiven, but not forgotten You're forgiven not forgotten You're forgiven not forgotten You're forgiven not forgotten You're not forgotten A bleeding heart torn apart Left on an icy grave In the room where they once lay Face to face Nothing could get in their way But now the memories of the man are haunting her days And the craving never fades She's still dreaming of a man Long forgiven, but not forgotten You're forgiven not forgotten You're forgiven not forgotten You're forgiven not forgotten You're not forgotten Still alone,…

Monday, 8 October 2018

Sprints, Lane 8 and Grit: The TB phenomenon

with Thomas Barr, a Honour!

Some people have Grit.
Grit makes them Champions!

I had the chance to meet one of these Champions...

and I asked Thomas: what  made you going in the last 50 meters in Berlin running at the worst lane?

An inner voice was his answer.

Thanks a million, Thomas for this chat!
May your Paradigm be an Inspiration for all of us for years and years!



Sunday, 7 October 2018

3 years ago...

it was exactly 3 years ago when I came to UL for the first time.
6th Oct 2015: 08.40 I gave my presentation; 13.00 my interview finished and 14.00 I was offered the job!

Since then, i.e. the last 3 years have been an exciting Journey!

Here are some photos that I took yesterday, on the 3rd anniversary of my (initial) job interview at UL (I had another one, successful as well, last June).

Enjoy these SEVEN (7) photographs.

and ...


Absolute Hotel @ Limerick ; where I spent two nights in October 2015, my first nights in Limerick

Julio, my friend and fishmonger @Milk Market
hmmm, the BEST salmon in the World! (watch this space!)

6th Oct 2018, glorious Sky

getting ready for co-coaching a big match

pumping up caffeine

Coach and Friend, Paul Horkan, empowering our team against Aisling Annacotty, FT Aisling - Corbally United 1-5! A day to remember!


Dr Ioannis Zabetakis
Head of the Department - Lecturer (Food Lipids)
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Limerick

Friday, 5 October 2018

ένα κείμενο από τα παλιά


(Σεπτέμβρης 2009, ΤΑ ΝΕΑ)

Γράφει ο Γιάννης Ζαμπετάκης

Aνθρωποι πεθαίνουν από τη ρύπανση σε Ασωπό και Μεσσαπία κι εμείς οι Οικολόγοι Πράσινοι δεν αναλαμβάνουμε (υφ-)υπουργείο γιατί δεν εκλέξαμε βουλευτές. Τι λογική είναι αυτή;

Γιατί βάζουμε το κομματικό συμφέρον πάνω από το συμφέρον και τη ζωή των ανθρώπων; Ποιον ρωτήσαμε και είπαμε όχι στη συνεργασία; Τους καρκινοπαθείς στα Οινόφυτα; Πολιτική αυτοκτονία είναι αυτή η άρνηση! Διότι κάλλιστα θα μπορούσαμε να κάνουμε προγραμματικό διάλογο από τις 6.10.09 με το (υφ-)υπουργείο στους Οικολόγους Πράσινους επηρεάζοντας τις προγραμματικές δηλώσεις της κυβέρνησης! ΟΚ, δεν υπάρχει προεκλογική προγραμματική συμφωνία... Και λοιπόν; Ακόμα καλύτερα! Πιο ελεύθερα θα μπορούσαμε να αλλάξουμε τις πολιτικές! Χωρίς τον φόβο να ρίξουμε την κυβέρνηση αν φεύγαμε από το υπουργείο!

Αλλά με όλη την ελευθερία και την άνεση κινήσεων να αλλάξουμε πραγματικά τις πολιτικές! Είμαι ένας ευνουχισμένος οικολόγος πράσινος... επειδή κάποιοι στα κεντρικά των Οικολόγων Πράσινων φοβούνται να τολμήσουν! Μας πρόσφεραν υφυπουργείο. Ζητήσαμε τον έλεγχο της Ειδικής Υπηρεσίας Ελεγκτών Περιβάλλοντος (ΕΥΕΠ); Αν απλά είπαμε όχι στην πρόταση έστω και για ένα υφυπουργείο, τότε είμαστε απλά μοιραίοι διότι κάλλιστα θα μπορούσαμε να ζητήσουμε τον έλεγχο της ΕΥΕΠ για να πατήσουμε φρένο από αύριο στη ρύπανση πέρα από κάθε λογική σε Ασωπό και Μεσσαπία.

Αλλά, δυστυχώς, δεν έχουμε την πολιτική πονηριά και τα απαραίτητα ανακλαστικά ακόμα και μια διαπραγμάτευση της πλάκας να κάνουμε! Οικολόγοι εναλλακτικοί θέλουμε να παραμείνουμε σε όλη μας τη ζωή; Ενώ παράλληλα τα επίπεδα του εξασθενούς χρωμίου θα ξεπερνάνε κάθε όριο και λογική; Ακόμα και για το απλό θεαθήναι να ήταν η πασοκική πρόταση (ας πούμε ότι ήταν έτσι!) είχαμε την απόλυτη ελευθερία κινήσεων να ..........φύγουμε! Χωρίς να ρίξουμε καμιά κυβέρνηση! Ακόμα και σε δέκα μέρες! Και τότε εμείς θα ήμασταν οι κερδισμένοι! Γιατί θα είχαμε λόγο να μιλήσουμε για πασοκική διπροσωπία.

Αλλά τώρα; Μένουμε απλώς σε γραφικά σχόλια περί προγραμματικής συμφωνίας... Αλλά αν είχαμε πει ΝΑΙ, τότε ακόμα και ΜΙΑ παράγραφο θα μπορούσαμε να συγγράψουμε με το ΠΑΣΟΚ στις προγραμματικές δηλώσεις! Αλλά θα διαλέγαμε εμείς ποια παράγραφο!

Και αυτή θα ήταν περί ελέγχων στο νερό που γίνονται σήμερα από 4 υπουργεία! Την παράγραφο που έχω γράψει προσωπικά σε πολλά άρθρα. Για την πολυδιάσπαση των ελέγχων στο νερό!

Και, στην τελική, 160 βουλευτές έχει το ΠΑΣΟΚ! Γιατί να μας προσφέρει κάτι παραπάνω; Επειδή έχουμε ωραίο χαμόγελο; Έχουμε όλον τον καιρό να διαβάσουμε Βάρναλη και να αναλογιστούμε ότι δεν είμαστε ώριμο φρούτο αλλά τελείως αν-ώριμο...

Irish Water's decision to inform consumers of chemical exceedances comes after 7 year battle

Irish Water’s announcement that it is to write to consumers informing them of exceedances of the EU and WHO limits on chemicals is the result of a complaint to the European Commission lodged by FIE 7 years ago. 

After exchanges in 2013, 2015, and 2016, the Commission announced the opening of infringement proceedings in June of 2018 because of Irish Water’s continued refusal to notify consumers of the potential dangers of consuming trihalomethane [THM] laden water.

THMs are harmful to human health and include known carcinogens like chloroform. They are ingested by drinking, but can be inhaled in the bath or shower, or when washing clothes and dishes.

They are formed when organic matter, such as suspended peat sediment, are treated with chlorine at our water treatment plants.

FIE has welcomed Irish Water’s announcement: ‘Consumers have a right to know what is in their water so that they can take the necessary measures to protect themselves. THM are particularly volatile, and consumers – particularly pregnant women -should avoid showering or steamy kitchens.

The advice to boil water to deal with other contaminations when the water contains high levels of THMs was of particular concern in these proceedings. Consumers will now be able to take simple steps to filter their water supplies until the upgrading of all water treatment plants is completed.


See the Press Release

Erin Brockovitch’s intervention

= = =

Further readings
1. The Greek Hinkleys: Pollution has no borders
2. The uptake of nickel and chromium from irrigation water by potatoes, carrots and onions.


From: B o o k o f E x e r c i s e s (1940)

Wherever I travel Greece wounds me.

On Pelion among the chestnut trees the Centaur's shirt
slipped through the leaves to fold around my body
as I climbed the slope and the sea came after me
climbing too like mercury in a thermometer
till we found the mountain waters.
On Santorini touching islands that were sinking
hearing a pipe play somewhere on the pumice-stone
my hand was nailed to the gunwale
by an arrow shot suddenly
from the confines of a vanished youth.
At Mycenae I raised the great stones and the treasures of the house of Atreus
and slept with them at the hotel Belle Helene de Menelas;
they disappeared only at dawn when Cassandra crowed,
a cock hanging from her black throat.
On Spetses, Poros and Mykonos
the barcaroles sickened me.

What do they want, all those who believe
they're in Athens or Piraeus?
Someone comes from Salamis and asks someone else whether he `issues forth
from Omonia Square'.
`No I issue forth from Syntagma,' replies the other, pleased;
`I met Yianni and he treated me to an ice cream.'
In the meantime Greece is travelling
and we don't know anything, we don't know we're all sailors out of work,
we don't know how bitter the port becomes when all the ships have gone;
we mock those who do know.

Strange people! They say they're in Attica but they're really nowhere;
they buy sugared almonds to get married
they carry hair tonic, have their photographs taken
the man I saw today sitting against a background ofpigeons and flowers
let the hands ofthe old photographer smooth away the wrinkles
left on his face
by all the birds in the sky.

Meanwhile Greece goes on travelling, always travelling
and ifwe see `the Aegean flower with corpses'
it will be with those who tried to catch the big ship by swimming after it
those who got tired ofwaiting for the ships that cannot move
The ships hoot now that dusk falls on Piraeus,
hoot and hoot, but no capstan moves,
no chain gleams wet in the vanishing light,
the captain stands like a stone in white and gold.

Wherever I travel Greece wounds me,
curtains ofmountains, archipelagos, naked granite.
They call the one ship that sails AG ONIA 937.

M/s Aulis, waiting to sail.
Summer 1936
Georgios Seferis

Thursday, 4 October 2018

HoD office @Biological Sciences

Next week I am moving into the HoD office , At Biological Sciences in UL.

where you are all welcome to come along to play chess and share a Coffee ;

on one wall, I'll have this magic creation by DGB

inspired from Santorini frescos ;

Thank you Damian!

Best wishes,

Ioannis Zabetakis
Head of the Department - Lecturer (Food Lipids) 


Wednesday, 3 October 2018

thought of the Day

Caladh an Treoigh

Castletroy (Irish: Caladh an Treoigh)[2] is a suburb of Limerick, Ireland.

Historically, the district was entirely separate to Limerick, and consisted of little development aside from the villages of Annacotty and Monaleen. With the creation of the University of Limerick, as well as the growth of Limerick city itself, this began to change. Castletroy is one of the fastest-growing residential areas in Ireland and has now engulfed the old villages of Annacotty and Monaleen (Móin a lín - field of flax).

= = =


why the name of Troy was used here in Limerick?

is there any missing link with famous Greeks involved in the Trojan War?



Monday, 1 October 2018

Log posts (I)

My favorite Alexandrian...
the Journey to Ithaca
the Nostalgia but also...
the attraction to the unknown.

The smells,
the smiles,
the likes and the dislikes,

the vision...
the lack of vision...

the most interesting people
but with a gemini approach
how can I overcome this?

Uisce beatha and copper
research sprints in new lands
and teaching sprints

Skipping the waves
lighting the fire(s)

(Cluan Lárach, Oct 1st, 2018)