Friday, 7 December 2018

Log Post (XIII)

Some strong words that spring out

Courage comes from Cor = heart

In order To Lead
somebody would need
to talk,
to engage,
to connect.

Vulnerability can lead,
should lead to

P.S. The power of Vulnerability

Thursday, 6 December 2018

Report on Krill oil

Krill oil for heart health

The Omega-3 Index test is an important biomarker for heart health.
The market for heart health supplements is thriving. According to Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ) data, the market for heart health ingredients has the potential to reach more than US$3 billion by 2020. With that in mind, there are many options for consumers seeking out heart health products.

Omega-3s are considered a strong contender in this market. In fact, research has shown long-chain omega-3s support healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels, normal blood clotting processes, as well as a regular heartbeat, all of which contribute to keeping both the heart and its arteries healthy.1,2 The anti-inflammatory nutrients found in omega-3s can help balance the body’s level of inflammation, promoting overall health and wellness.

Every person’s omega-3 needs are different and the amount of EPA and DHA one would need to take to raise their Omega-3 Index into the target range will vary. Not all omega-3s are created equal. They vary in structure and function, and only marine-based omega-3s (or long-chain omega-3s) contain EPA and DHA.

Krill oil provides EPA and DHA mainly in the form of phospholipids. The body immediately recognizes phospholipid omega-3s and incorporates them into the cells before carrying them to the tissues and organs that need them the most, such as the heart. On the contrary, other sources of omega-3s are delivered as triglycerides and must be processed in the liver before they can be taken up by the cells and used by the body.

Therefore phospholipid-bound omega-3s, like krill oil, raise one’s omega-3 index more efficiently as compared to other omega-3 oils.

In addition to omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, krill contains the essential nutrient choline, which is crucial for cell structure, function, and signalling.

Choline is found to positively contribute to cardiovascular, liver and cognitive health. Furthermore, the astaxanthin found in krill oil helps keep its omega-3s naturally fresh and stable.

This is an excerpt from the article, “Raising Omega-3 Levels for Heart Health.” To continue reading, download INSIDER’s Heart Health Digital Magazine.

Andreas Berg Storsve, Ph.D., is the director of R&D at Aker BioMarine. Storsve received his doctorate from the University of Oslo, and is a former Fulbright Scholar at the Athinoula A. Martinos Centre for Biomedical Imageing, Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School.

1. Chowdhury R et al. “Association of dietary, circulating, and supplement fatty acids with coronary risk: A systematic review and meta-analysis.” Ann Intern Med. 2014;160:398-406.

2. Miller PE, Van Elswyk M, Alexander DD. “Long-chain omega-3 fatty acids eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid and blood pressure: A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.” Am J Hypertens. 2014. DOI: 10.1093/ajh/hpu024.

3. Calder PC. “Marine omega-3 fatty acids and inflammatory processes: Effects, mechanisms and clinical relevance.” Biochim Biophys Acta. 2015;1851:469-484.

4. Ramprasath VR et al. “Enhanced increase of omega-3 index in healthy individuals with response to 4-week n-3 fatty acid supplementation from krill oil versus fish oil.” Lipids Health Dis. 2013;12:178.

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

When the dietary guidelines on fish are ...wrong

my op-ed column in the International Aquafeed (December 2018)

yogurts: novel products

this is a very interesting story [source: TodayFM 9 July 2017]

Michael Murphy, Co –Founder of ProU Yogurt joined Conall on The Sunday Business Show this week to talk about the Irish yogurt market and the challenge of breaking into it.

Conall was surprised to learn that here in Ireland the yogurt market is worth a massive €260 Million.

The healthy ProU Yogurts company recently secured a €200,000 Retail Listing with SuperValu.

The startup produces a particularly healthy yogurt product, which supplies all your daily Vitamin D requirements and over 80% of your daily calcium requirements.

Michael told Conall all about the challenges and benefits of breaking into the Irish food and dairy market. ProU was first launched at the Bloom Festival in June 2016 and is the first product from Michael and his wife Jane's startup M&J Nutrition.

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Bomb Disposal Specialist: Yarrowia lipolytica

Yarrowia lipolytica is found in contaminated soil and water. 

On account of its ability to grow on fats and oils, Y. lipolytica naturally detoxifies oily pollutants in an environmentally-friendly manner. 

This has led to its use in the clean-up of crude oil spills or waste water steams from olive and palm oil mills. This rather unconventional yeast has also been used to degrade soil-based pollutants such as 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene (TNT) and organophosphate insecticides. 

Unlike S. cerevisiae and S. pombe, Y. lipolytica does not produce ethanol; instead, it can convert oily wastes into useful products such as biodiesel, edible oils, citric acid (which is used as an acidity regulator or flavour enhancer) or the building blocks for polymers. 

When it is not cleaning up the environment, working in bomb-disposal or up-cycling waste into useful chemicals, Y. lipolytica can also be found contributing towards the texture and flavour of the cheeses and hams in which it is also found.

Copyright: University of California, Riverside.

[source: Fantastic yeasts and where to find them]

Monday, 3 December 2018

Real FM: Κάθε πρώτη Παρασκευή του μήνα (2)

ελληνικά κρασιά σε μια κάβα στο Λίμερικ, Ιρλανδία

Την ερχόμενη Παρασκευή (7 του μήνα) θα μιλήσουμε ξανά με τον Πολυλογά (τον Γιώργο τον Ψάλτη) όπως κάνουμε κάθε πρώτη Παρασκευή του μήνα στον αέρα του Real FM.

Αυτή την Παρασκευή θα ασχοληθούμε με την υπερφορολόγηση στην Ελλάδα αλλά και για εξαγωγές ελληνικών κρασιών στην Ιρλανδία (βλ. φωτό πιο πάνω).

Μην διστάσετε να μου γράψετε σχόλια, παρατηρήσεις και ότι άλλο θα θέλατε να ασχοληθούμε στο μηνιαίο ραδιοφωνικό μας ραντεβού.

Γιάννης Ζαμπετάκης

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Log post (XII)

Πρώτη του Δεκέμβρη,
μπήκαμε στο δεύτερο
μήνα του Χειμώνα
σύμφωνα με το κέλτικο ημερολόγιο
βλέπεις εδώ ο Χειμώνας
την πρώτη του Νοέμβρη
την πρώτη του Φλεβάρη.
Tο κορμί μουδιασμένο,
σαν να θέλει να ταιριάξει στη
συννεφιά και στο ψιλόβροχο
αλλά το μυαλό...
ψάχνει και βρίσκει
χαραμάδες φωτός και αισιοδοξίας.

Καλό μήνα!