Tuesday, 1 May 2018

People Need Education (not taxes)

I am very skeptical on the value and the effectiveness of the new tax on sugar drinks.
Once again, the legislators tend to ignore the real problem: lack of education on diet and lifestyle.
Last week, I had the pleasure to be part of this SciFest project on lifestyle and obesity; 
where, students have found that...the boys (13-14 years old) who exercise regularly have a mean BMI of 20 whereas the boys who exercise less  have an aver age BMI of  27.

The vital need today is to educate young people (the younger the better!) on the value of a healthy diet and exercise.
Once they learn to eat and drink healthily, they wont' even touch a soft drink!

But, when you see parents buying cola drinks to their kids, the thought that comes to my mind is that these kids are now "addicted" to this taste and smell and the new tax will not have any positive impact at all.

The obesity epidemic needs to be tackled with more vivid imagination at the primary and secondary schools around the country... Not by introducing taxes... 

I would like to see the schools to be more active by providing healthier options at vending machines and at the canteen.
The school inspectors have a vital role to play on this topic! 
Like they have done few days ago at the school of my eldest son! 😌

Ioannis Zabetakis

p.s. I would like to be able to design a new vending machine with only healthy options ranging from see weeds to yogurt drinks! I know I am asking a lot...

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