Friday, 1 June 2018

The Salmon Polar Lipids of Knowledge

Long ago when Fionn mac Cumhaill, the great leader of the Fianna of Ireland, was still a young boy he was sent to live with a very wise man named Finnegas. Finnegas was a poet who lived on the banks of the river Boyne and was renowned throughout Ireland for his vast knowledge.
As well as being renowned for his skills in composing and reciting poetry Finnegas knew more about the ways of the world, including the secrets of the birds and animals and plants and stars, than any other man in Ireland.

It was because of his vast knowledge that Fionn had been sent to learn from Finnegas. Fionn loved to listen to the old man’s wonderful stories and his many words of wisdom which he too, in time, would learn to recite. In exchange for the wisdom Finnegas would pass on to him Fionn would help about the house, cooking, cleaning and fishing for the old man.

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under way with the precious support of Elaine

today, it was a great day in the lab; we did a trial run for the postprandial study that is under way in UL. The data are really exciting!

Salmon Polar Lipids do have some secrets against inflammation and cardiovascular diseases.

Watch this space and eat your salmon! It is really good for your heart!


p.s. if you want to take part in our study, please drop me a line 😊

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