Monday, 11 June 2018

Breast cancer and Platelet Activating Factor

The molecule we study in our lab, Platelet Activating Factor (PAF), is involved in a plethora of inflammation related diseases, ranging from CVDs to cancer.

Here is a recent paper on cancer and PAF.


In the present study, it was revealed that the upregulation of PTAFR was associated with an increased incidence of bone metastases. It was also revealed that PAF significantly enhanced the processes of BC cell migration and BC mediated osteoclastogenesis. These results suggest that PAF serves a promotion role in BC bone metastases. It was further demonstrated that the natural PAF antagonist Kadsurenone may effectively attenuate each process by partially blocking the PAF/PTAFR signaling pathway. Therefore, targeting PAF/PTAFR by Kadsurenone may be a promising treatment strategy for BC bone metastases.

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and what is the best and most natural way to inhibit PAF?

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