Friday, 8 June 2018

Obesity is a political problem

There is an increasing number of data that obesity is a social and political problem.
If you are educated and well paid, you would never buy this bread.
But, if your income is low, then your options are limited...
The only way round this is to Educate young people! Governments need to set up specific initiatives in schools. The younger the students we teach about healthy diet, the better for their future.


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SciFest project of St Munchin's College year1 students
Our volunteers have low consumption of fruits and vegetables (61% consume < 2 portions of fruit per day whereas 50% consume <2 portions of vegetable per day). The monitoring of their body fat and BMI was conducted using a Tanita body analyser in the University of Limerick and we found that the boys who exercise regularly have a mean BMI of 20 whereas the boys who exercise less  have an average BMI of  27.

A clear correlation between lifestyle choices and BMI was found. These results highlight the value of adhering to dietary guidelines of Irish Food and the Mediterranean diet Pyramids.

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