Friday, 26 January 2018

who needs books?

Back in the 1990s when I was studying for my BSc in Chemistry, I remember a great Teacher of mine encouraging us to start asap buying Chemistry textbooks...he suggested that by the time we get our BSc degree, we should have 5-6 reference textbooks in our library...back then, textbooks were dear, very dear (about 100 euros on today's money but 100 euros then was a massive amount of money!) but I managed... somehow to buy a Stryer (Biochem), an Atkins (Phys Chem), a Morrison Boyd (Org. Chem) and a Skoog West (Anal Chem).

I still have those books; they keep me company but also they are useful tools!

Today- googling might be easier but so so superficial!

When you need some reliable info - nothing is better that a good science textbook!

I remembered all that when I asked my semester 8 students yesterday how many food science books they have; most of the class have 0 food science books...

Shocking? Disappointing?
or just the (cruel) reality ?

I still believe though that a good BSc graduate should have a small library of fine textbooks.

Here is my proposal:

1. Food Chem (Coultate or Fennema)
2. HACCP (Mortimore and Wallace)
3. Food Processing Tech (Fellows)
4. Food Science, Nutrition & Health (Lean)

(each one costs about 40 euros... about 4 cinema tickets or 7 pints...I trust though that getting these books is a much better investment 🎯 )


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