Friday, 19 January 2018

I just forgot to die!

Stamatis Moraitis is from Ikaria, Greece. He moved to US when he was 22 years old to pursue the “American Dream”. He was a painter and he started immediately having success, bought a house, married and had 3 kids. At the age of 66 years, he developed terminal lung cancer. However, instead of dying in US, he decided to move back to Ikaria so he moved in with his… parents!
He started breathing the Ikarian air, drinking the Ikarian wine and having a Mediterranean diet. After a few months, he planted a garden not planning, though, on ever getting to harvest the vegetables. He was so wrong! 37 years later he has a vineyard producing 200 litres of wine a year.
When asked about his secret, this is what he replies: “I just forgot to die”.
This is a real life story that has been extracted from the paper of Dan Buettner and Sam Skemp, as published in the American journal of lifestyle medicine in 2016.

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this is an excellent paper - have a look on Power of 9.

and then... do this test.

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