Wednesday, 24 August 2016

food4me : some questions...

an interesting study (a major outcome of the project food4me) was published 10 days ago.

The study is around personalised nutrition advice, genotypes and phenotypes and the outcomes are interesting (to say the least).
A debate has started on whether this study is a blow to nutrigenomics but I think there is also another angle we need to view the results.

Have a look on table 3 of the study

After six months... look the impact on these 2 parameters...

1. body weight -0.61 kg
2. BMI -0.24 (where the initial one was 28.9 mean, i.e. strongly overweight! close to obese levels, i.e. 30)

It looks that people may have changed their diets ...but the positive impact of this diet change is rather minimal...

Another limitation of the study was that total cholesterol was measured whereas we know that it is the ratio of HDL/LDL that is important for CVDs and not the absolute levels of total cholesterol...
( you can read here our views on cholesterol and statins)

Yannis Zabetakis

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