Sunday, 7 November 2021

some thoughts on climate change and the finite sources of our planet


These days everybody keeps an eye on COP26 in Glasgow and the deliberations there that will lead to nothing concrete for one more time.

Top issues at the agenda are the Greenhouse Gases (GHG) emissions, the farting of the cows (methane) and the predicted temperature rise of the global average temperature.

A temperature rise that will cause the glaciers to melt more quickly and the sea level is going to rise and hence some countries will become land under water. This, in turn, will cause huge immigrating waves towards the rest (above the sea) of the world and food security will be a huge problem.

However, we should not only talk about the climate.

Today, with the extensive use of chemicals and plastics, we have to address the safety and the sustainability of our food chain, the recycling of the plastics, the plastic plague and also the air quality in many cities in the world.

In Ireland, the highest levels of asthma cases are in Limerick. But this doesn't stop the planning of burning toxic waste in cement kilns and one of them is in Mungret, in close vicinity to the city of Limerick. Do we really want to further reduce the air quality in Limerick?

Do we really wish to burn plastics and hence pollute the air with carcinogenic dioxins and PM2.5?

In our view, talking only about the GHG and the climate is a kind of severe shortsightedness. We need to start having a holistic approach to all environmental problems, from recycling to water quality and the climate. We need to think about the finite sources of our planet, the air, the forests, the water.

We also need to consider the way we produce food today, e.g. is palm oil's production sustainable? Is the pace that we destroy the Amazon sustainable (a football of forest is destroyed every six seconds!) ?

Our current shortsightedness is a major problem that needs to be addressed urgently! The Science is here and the data are strong. However, our political personnel can't understand the severity of these data and they put their political survival above the common good! This needs to stop...Today!

Ioannis Zabetakis

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