Thursday, 1 April 2021

Doctors weigh in on importance of BMI in health outcomes



we hear a lot about the worldwide epidemic of obesity and consequent ill-health effects – diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol and more. A “normal” weight is seen as essential for good health and this has spawned a weight-reduction industry.

However, the relationship between body weight and health is complex and experience has shown that all our intense focusing on weight loss isn’t generally making people healthier. Some physicians are now moving from a “weight-centric” model to one that prescribes healthier behaviours regardless of whether such behaviours reduce body weight. This approach is reviewed by Virginia Sole-Smith in Scientific American (July 2020).

Let me emphasise that I write this article as background information for your general consideration. Anyone concerned about body weight should discuss the matter with their physician before deciding what action to take.

the rest of the article is here.

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