Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Alternative food strategy sets out how to cut agricultural emissions

 Source: Irish Times

Ireland’s proposed 2030 agri-food strategy is out of line with the Government’s economy-wide emissions reduction targets for the next decade, according to a report by 70 environmental and climate groups.

They warn that, if adopted, the strategy would force impossible cuts on other sectors.

Having left the “industry-dominated” group drawing up the strategy – published in draft form by the Minister for Agriculture last week – the Environmental Pillar (EP), Stop Climate Chaos (SCC) and Sustainable Water Network (Swan) have published an alternative report which sets out how to “drive down agriculture emissions while simultaneously restoring our depleted biodiversity and water bodies”.

Their report puts the Green Party in a difficult position, given its support base, as the party has backed the strategy, which is open for public consultation.

The agri-food strategy, which was criticised by the groups as “entirely inadequate from a climate and environmental perspective”, is broadly aligned with the Climate Bill.

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