Saturday, 13 February 2021

PDO cheeses, Italy, Greece and ...Ireland



I have been studying for the past two weeks, the types and numbers of cheeses in Italy, Greece and Ireland that carry a PDO brand-label (Protected Designation of Origin)

It's quite remarkable that Greece has about 23 cheeses with PDO, Italy has about 50 cheeses and Ireland, with many small family businesses making amazing cheeses using goat and sheep milk, has 0 (zero!) PDO cheeses!

I have asked some Irish friends who make such cheeses and the response I got from them is that in order to get a PDO labelling is a laborious procedure and the Irish State doesn't help them with this.

In 2021 and during a pandemic, when e-commerce is a vital tool for selling unique and niche dairy products, I am still surprised with the Irish approach: they produce world-class goat and sheep cheeses and still none of them has a PDO labelling.

Why is that?

Do the Irish, in contrast of the rest of the world, believe that PDO labelling can't assist exports and sales?

What does the Irish State and its agents (e.g. Bord Bia) think about that? If they think that PDO labelling does not promote sales, then why other cheese producing countries (like Greece and Italy) do so?

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