Friday, 13 April 2018

Science Fest Project of St Munchin's Boys

Obesity can kill but there is a lot of things than we can pro-actively do in order to prevent it.
We can make people happier and healthier by using information and Education.
This is the spirit of the Science Project that Year 1 Boys in St Munchins College have devised.
They monitor diet habits, lifestyle and BMI and they are going to take part in SciFest 2018.

Yesterday, it was a great day.
The boys came to the Department of Biological Sciences in UL where they used a Tanita body composition analyser to measure body's fat content and BMI.

Rory, Nathaniel and Darragh (from L to R) in action

The boys are now analysing their results and getting ready to present their work in LIT 
on April 26th.

Yesterday, we had a good chat on obesity, BMI, diet and lifestyle choices and expectancy.
We used this questionnaire to see the impact of diet, lifestyle but also.. of crisps and snacks (!) on our life expectancy!

the end result from the vitality questionnaire ; 3 bars showing current and potential life expectancy

It was a great pleasure to have the St Munchins Boys and their Teachers in UL!

The St Munchins boys with their Science Teacher, Bairbre Ni Fhlatharta (on the right) and Ioannis Zabetakis (on the left).

Looking forward to the next stage of their great project!


p.s. here are some rather alarming facts

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