Thursday, 22 March 2018

Red alert for meat lovers

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High red and processed meat consumption is related to several diseases. In addition, cooking meat at high temperatures for a long duration forms heterocyclic amines, which have harmful health effects. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is a significant public health burden and its formation is strongly related to insulin resistance. In this study, both were found to be more frequent in people who consume relatively high quantities of red and processed meat. In addition, a high intake of heterocyclic amines was associated with insulin resistance.

Research highlights
  • High consumption of red and/or processed meat is related to NAFLD and insulin resistance.
  • Consumption of meat cooked in unhealthy methods is related to insulin resistance.
  • Consumption of HCAs is related with insulin resistance.
  • These associations are independent of saturated fat and cholesterol intake.
  • If confirmed prospectively, limiting the consumption of unhealthy meats may be advised.

[the full study is here]

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our comment :

we need to keep an eye on red and processed meat consumption.
This is the reason that red meat should be grouped independently to fish and white meat, as explained here.

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