Friday, 16 March 2018

Greek functional Feta cheese: Enhancing quality and safety using a Lactobacillus plantarum strain with probiotic potential


My big fat Greek functional food – probiotic feta could become a big cheese

By Tim Cutcliffe
Certain probiotic strains could be a perfect fit for Greek feta cheese, say researchers who suggest 'functional feta' could meet growing demand for healthy foods.


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 the paper's Highlights

• Feta cheese was produced with the potential probiotic Lb. plantarum T571 as co-culture.
• A high quality new product of enhanced shelf-life and safety was produced.
• The strain T571was able to survive throughout storage at 4 and 12 °C.
• The survival and distribution of different Listeria strains depended on the case.
• FTIR was applied for the rapid estimation of the microbial counts and shelf-life of Feta.

[you can read the full paper here]

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