Sunday, 24 December 2017

fermentation is the Key!

I read with interest this article on food trends for 2018.

Special Ks: kefir, kimchi, kraut, kombucha

Fermented foods are filling fridges as shoppers get more gut-health aware. So far, the most impactful of this fizzing bunch is kefir, the bacteria-laden (usually yogurt-based) drink essential to balanced eastern European diets.
This year saw Russian ex-figure skater Natasha Bowes’s Bio-tiful brand get stocked nationwide by Sainsbury’s, and she’s set to unveil a new stomach-friendly creation in May. Water-based kefir sales were also up 34% at Whole Foods since last year. Meanwhile, Marks and Spencer will launch their own-brand kefir in January.

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Kefir is an ancient cultured drink rich in probiotics and known for its incredible health benefits. Its origins can be traced back more than two-thousand years to the Caucasus Mountains region, located between Russia, Turkey, Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan.

In FLIPS @ UL, we have an ongoing project on kefir with some interesting data on bioactivities against inflammation and CVDs.

More to come in 2018!

Happy Holidays!

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