Tuesday, 17 October 2017

What did neolithic man eat after a hard day at Stonehenge?

A neolithic feast: some of the food that would have been eaten by the builders of Stonehenge. Photograph: English Heritage

Could the neolithic man eat "Sweet pork and rich cheese" after a hard day at Stonehenge?

Yes, according to this article where it is suggested that: analysis of bones and pottery fragments shows special foods were consumed in feasts at the ancient site.

A couple of points though:

Historically, how did they know how to make cheese? 
The first records of cheese production were in the Mediterranean and Mesopotamia countries...

Where did they find honey to feed to the porks? Honey production in UK is rather weather limited...

It looks that the Stonehenge people had some Med background / skills. Could we suggest that it was actually people from Southern Europe who built Stonehenge and not "locals"?
The history of food consumed in these feasts might give us some insight on the true origin of the People!

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