Sunday, 12 September 2021

is US EPA corrupted?

The US Environmental Protection Agency is failing to protect children by ignoring poisons in the environment and focusing on corporate interests, according to a top children’s health official who will testify this week that the agency tried to silence her because of her insistence on stronger preventions against lead poisoning.

Read the full story here. 

Also, read here on the role of EPA and the toxic dust liberated after the collapse of the twin towers (9/11). 

So... can we claim that US EPA is corrupted? If not corrupted, it does something wrong in protecting humans' health...

More on this story, after the hearings [A hearing will be held on 13 September in which several internal EPA communications will be presented as evidence, including an email in which EPA personnel discuss using press inquiries about Etzel as “an opportunity to strike” out against her. Among many witnesses to be called to testify are several former high-level EPA officials ].


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