Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Le'ts talk about alcohol (beyond short sighted politics!)

Alcohol kills, some say.
Of course it does!
Sugar kills as well!

If we eat at one go, 1kg of bitter almonds, we'll die of cyanide poisoning! So, do bitter almonds kill as well?

Let's be serious, frank and honest!

The dose makes the medicine, the dose makes the poison!
A balanced diet is the key when it comes to eating, to drinking, to ...everything.

When we talk about alcoholic drinks though, we need to remember that fermented drinks (beer, wine, cider etc) have important food components with strong anti-inflammatory activities and therefore cardioprotective role.

Such components and activities are not present in distilled drinks (whiskey, gin, vodka etc).

Therefore, when the discussion comes to "Alcohol kills", we need to fine-tune the discussion having in mind
1. ignorance kills
2. issuing the wrong guidelines has paramount negative side-effects
3. fermented drinks are nutritional

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