Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Happy Valentine's Day with ...fermented drinks!

further to our post on fermentation and alcohol (where we talked about red wine and the French paradox)
today, let's have a look on this scientific paper

Beer and health: from myths to science

where the authors state that:

"Many intervention studies provide strong evidence for a cardio-protective effect of moderate beer (alcohol) consumption. Dr Henk Hendriks (TNO, Zeist, The Netherlands) elaborated on the main processes that can explain the beneficial heart health effects: lipid (cholesterol) metabolism, blood clotting and glucose metabolism. The health benefits of moderate alcohol consumption are additive to the beneficial effects of other healthy lifestyle factors such as non-smoking, physical activity and a healthy diet".

 So, the message for the day...


 Enjoy beer and wine in moderation :)


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