Monday, 12 February 2018

an (unpublished) Letter to the Editor on red wine

Last Monday, I sent the following letter to the Editor of the Irish Times (that has not been published so here it is ).

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Dear Sir,

With reference to the article on Sour Grapes as published 4th Feb  

I would like to bring to the public domain these points:
1.       According to the Mediterranean diet pyramid, the moderate consumption of red wine (1-2 glasses per day) is recommended,
2.       Blue zones people (the longevity hotspots on Earth today),  where people reach the age of 100, actually consume wine and beer in moderation,
3.       On what basis, does the Health Minister ignore this evidence and propose a cancer related labelling on wines?

Yours sincerely, etc
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here is some latest research that supports the view that moderate wine consumption is beneficial against chronic diseases:


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